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patrons cuisiniers

Les Patrons Cuisiniers is a culinary partnership and a group of friends in which the members strive for craftsmanship, culinary creativity and consistent quality. Membership is no easy task, it is only after proving their professional skills that it is possible to join this extremely exclusive culinary top club.



Cooking is my greatest passion. Over the years, cooking has taken on a deeper meaning for me. It started by creating a balanced palette of flavors in a dish and eventually brought me back to the core of our existence.

Good, honest and healthy food is about being in balance with ourselves and with the earth. Our food production and consumer society are very out of balance.

We take too much and give too little. We produce meat and other animal products on an excessive scale, we exhaust the earth, we pollute the seas, we eat too much wrong and processed food.

We suffer massively from obesity, allergies, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions. Many people remain on their own with medicines or surgical procedures.

It can really be different. This requires a fundamental change in our relationship to (our) nature. I want to contribute to this by being honest and healthy

to give food (more) meaning. By using my knowledge and experience and letting as many people as possible experience how delicious and healthy vegetable food is!

I want to work with chefs, farmers, nutritionists, producers, retailers … with everyone who believes in
the vegetable revolution. How wonderful it would be if we bundle our knowledge, skills and passion and develop plant-based food worldwide. By working together for this larger goal, we can

we make a fist and REALLY rewrite the current rules. Are you participating? The time is NOW to spread a new food story!

The first child in this process is the “Rookwortel”. We were looking for a beautiful “meat substitute” with an umami taste and fleshy structure for a large vegan event. After many tests with onions, cabbages, tubers, etc., we emerged

at some point, out on winter carrots. Because of their fiber-rich structure, these turned out to be the ideal vegetable to still have a nice fleshy structure after the cooking and processing process. And so our first child was born, “the smoke root”. The process is very simple and has no polluting elements, everything is reused and recycled. Everything is done in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. No ingredients are added and therefore it remains just pure vegetables without any additives.

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Sea kNives

Who does not know them, the potato peelers with the famous mill.
Another dream come true. Because, I thought, if I could ever design my own fishing knives, there is really only one company with which I would really like to do that: the rock-solid German firm Robert Herder in Solingen. Everything is still made by hand. 150 years of experience; each knife undergoes about 75 actions before it goes into the packaging. What a craft and what a craft!

How beautiful is that? Fishing knives with the reel on one side and my name on the other! They succeeded, they are there and how! Beautifully finished with cherry wood, dangerously sharp and above all super handy. Unlike many other fishing knives, the cut surface is backwards, making filleting much easier. Round tip, so that you are not always stuck in the bones, flexible, handy, in short, the ultimate fishing knife!

And then our answer to the Japanese chopping knives, with which they fillet the tuna. A small handy type, which becomes, as it were, a natural extension of your hands. Super handy for our smaller, round types of fish such as sea bass, cod and gurnard.
Filleting Huppakeej is a real treat!

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Zilt servies

You close some people in your heart and remain faithful for the rest of your life. Inge is certainly one of them. What a worldly woman!

And as she is, she also makes her plates, cups, pots and so on. With our own “Zilt” logo and in the colors with the Zeeland DNA.

In terms of appearance, they tell exactly the story we both stand for. Not loud, quirky, timeless, elegant and submissive to the products we serve on it.